It was thought that it would be a great idea to get all the classmates from each year to join in and create one huge website.. telling everything there is to tell about yourself.

We have been out of school for many many years and many many things have happened in our lives.

This can be the best place to come together and let everyone else know a little bit about your life, the good the bad and the ugly!

Of course like everything else in this world, nothing is for nothing.. but this site is minimal for each of us. It does cost to maintain this site.. paying of the name and maintaining the pages etc.. so all we ask for is a small maintenance fee a year if you wish to participate in this site.  Please go to our pricing page to see which plan would best suit what you would like to do!

We will need some help in getting some old photographs of happenings during that school year.. If you are able to help in any way, either by scanning some pics or by letting our staff borrow your yearbook for a short period, that would be GREATLY appreciated!

Now.. let's see which plan is right for you!




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