Missing Classmates

The following is a list of our classmates that we do not have mailing addresses for or any other means of contact thing.

We would like to include ALL of our classmates in the upcoming 50th reunion in October.

If you have any information on any of these classmates, could you please, first ask permission to share their contact information with us, and then if it’s a go with them, please let us know of their information.

You can send the information to: loading...

Thank you for helping make this our best reunion ever!


Meredith Arnold
Rose Bagni
Joanne Barley
MaryEllen Barron
Susan Beauchemin
Gary Beaulieu
Daniel Bennit
Ronald Bergeron
Deborah Bishop
Patricia Bosco
Fernand Boucher
Stephen Bruce
Stephen Byrd
Thomas Cahill
Gail Calderwood
Christine Callahan
Barbara Capuano
Deborah Carrington
Linda Carver
Jeanette Chrisco
Thomas Collins
Sandra Coluchi
Susan Cummings
Robert Curran
Lawrence Daley
Linda Devine
Mary Easter
Betty-Jo Gonda
Helen Grant
Michael Griffin
Janeet Griffin
Joyce Griffin
Daniel Harkins
Carol Harris
Robert Harwood
Dawn Hervey
Gail Hitchcock
Judith Hunt
Rebecca Jensen
Dorothy Johnson
Denni Jones
Jeffrey Kellett
Leslie Kuffner
Susan Kydd
Cheryl Lawson
Penny Leclerc
Karen Linnell
Robert MacDonald
Keith MacIntosh
Steven MacKenzie
Susan Mahoney
Michael Martin
Michael Masters
Kevin McMahon
Arthur Mitchell
James Mitchell
William Nevins
Minh Hang Nguyen
Dorothy Nobrega
Karen Nordell
Patricia Norkunas
Karen O’Donnell
Pamela Pickel
Lawrence Pope
Kevin Reynolds Jr
Elaine Riccio
Brenda Riley
Sheryl Savage
Gregg Schneller
Joseph Sheehy
Christine Shine
Jeffrey Sigall
Deborah Sink
Cheryl Smith
Gail Smith
Linda Spataro
Sylvia Sproul
Constance Stone
Dennis Straw
David TenBroeck, Jr
Michael Thompson
Robert Thompson
Richard Tucker
Marilyn Walker
Chaterine Ward
James Wells