Finally a place where it is just US! 


A place where we can discuss among ourselves without anyone else around. 


A place to let our friends from the past know what has happened and is happening in our lives now!


The idea of this website is to group each class together to make it more of a family atmosphere!


We are happy that you have decided to join us! 


You will notice (once the site comes up live) that everyone's graduation picture is already online!

YOU just have to add your current (or newer that 1969) picture to your profile!


Everyone will have their own "space" where they can tell everything they want to!

Show off your kids and grandkids (YIKES).

Show off that new boat and new house!

Show us your vacation pictures (I'm betting your family is sick of seeing them by now!!!!)


You can check out the packages being offered

and you will then have a little bit of time to get your information together!


Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to helping you set up your pages soon!



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